Download Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Beta 2 Build 5299

If you have been waiting for the Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Beta 2 then here is YOUR chance to preview it! It was just released a little while ago, well, I guess it was really leaked and not released. Make sure you check this out (screenshots can be seen at the source): UPDATE: There is also a No-Install version of IE7 on RapidShare where you just need to extract the folder and run iexplorer.exe! This sounds simpler but I would only use it as an alternative.

UPDATE 2: PLEASE USE THE MEGAUPLOAD MIRROR BECAUSE RAPIDSHARE HAS REMOVED THE FILE! Please note, however, there is an inappropriate pop-up using this file sharing service! The No-Install version listed above is also still functional.

UPDATE 3: A RapidShare Host has been added by a user so CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM RAPIDSHARE. By popular demand they put it in ZIP format! For everyone’s sake, if the link goes down please post here letting us know, it makes things much easier!

UPDATE 4: Microsoft has officially released IE7 Beta 2 Preview so CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM MICROSOFT.

MegaUpload Mirror:

Patching Instructions for those Not running a Genuine Copy of Windows XP:
1) Download the patched iecustom.dll
iecustom.rar ( 68.32k ) 2) Using a program like WinRAR, extract the contents of IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe to a random temporary directory
3) Open up the new temp dir and browse to the “update” folder
4) Replace iecustom.dll with our Patched version
5) Now, run update.exe, NOT iesetup.exe (Sorry, no purdy installer for you warez monkeys)

Source: JCXP