legaltorrents.jpgThere is a common misconception that the only torrents available are of pirated music, movies, and software. While a bulk of the traffic shared between the BitTorrent network is illegal, there are also some ways that it is used for good. For example, the BitTorrent network serves as a great way for Linux distributions to share new releases. That way the traffic is spread across hundreds or thousands of different computers instead of a central group of servers.

A site called LegalTorrents is also looking to provide an easy way for people to find and download non-pirated media. Their library isn’t very extensive at this point, but they do have some popular things on there. For example, Mary Shelley’s “Frakenstein” audio book is available and so is Pearl Jam’s “Life Wasted” music video.

It would be cool to see more sites like this popping up, and it would be nice if LegalTorrents added a category for software applications. They currently have a games category that has a few Windows games, but other than that there’s no software.

LegalTorrents Homepage
Thanks Mohan!