Mandriva 2008 Free Ever since I tried Mandriva 2007 I felt that it was well ahead of other Linux distributions, and the same feeling has sprung upon me today with the new Mandriva 2008. After looking at all of the features I couldn’t help but think that this is HOT! My 694MB download hasn’t finished yet, but I’m sure once you read through the list of features below you’ll probably start downloading it as well. :)

A completely revamped website also accompanied the new release, and I give props to the Mandriva team for making it a lot easier to find what I’m looking for. The new site actually reminds me a bit of Mozilla’s site.

–Mandriva One vs. Free–

One of the things that had always confused me about Mandriva are the two different versions of the operating system that they offer. The two editions that are available, One and Free, both don’t cost a dime. So what is the difference between the two?

Mandriva Free does not contain “non-free software packages like proprietary drivers, closed-source applications or plugins.” Why is that such a big deal? There are a lot of diehard Free Software fanatics out there that don’t like running any of the proprietary stuff…even if it might make the user’s experience better. I’m not one of those people, but I definitely support those who do feel that way.

Mandriva One, on the other hand, does have proprietary drivers, plugins, and software to help make sure the user has the best out-of-box experience possible. A big benefit by running this version is that it can also operate as a Live CD, and can therefore be tested before you install it. This is the version that I always run, and what I recommend to anyone trying Mandriva out for the first time.

–Mandriva 2008 One Features–

  • Quick and easy installation
    One’s fast installation system lets you install the complete system to your hard disk simply by answering a few questions. Just click on the ‘Install’ icon after you start One. You can even browse the Internet or play Frozen Bubble while the installation is in progress.
  • Try Mandriva Linux safely
    Running One in live mode lets you try Mandriva Linux in complete safety: nothing is installed permanently to your system, nothing will be written to your hard disk, and you’re safe from viruses and spyware.” title=”Running One in live mode lets you try Mandriva Linux in complete safety: nothing is installed permanently to your system, nothing will be written to your hard disk, and you’re safe from viruses and spyware.
  • Effortless 3D desktop
    One includes full 3D support for all the leading graphics cards and makes it easy to enable full 3D-accelerated desktop effects. The latest 3D-accelerated desktop system, Compiz Fusion, provides both amazing visual effects and innovative new features which make it easier to interact with your desktop.
  • Coming from Windows? Don’t worry!
    Mandriva’s exclusive migration tool makes it easy to import your documents and settings from Windows to Mandriva. Unlike many other Linux systems, One lets you read from and write to all your Windows drives – even NTFS drives – with no manual configuration. Mandriva’s font configuration tool lets you import all your favorite fonts from Windows to Mandriva. One’s simple menu system makes it a breeze to find all the applications you need.
  • The best tools
    Dozens of Mandriva-developed tools help you access Windows and Linux machines on the local network, share your files and printers with others, keep your system secure, back up your important data and more.
  • All the applications you need on a single CD
    • Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird to browse the Web and manage your e-mail – with Java and Flash support.
    • for office tasks, with the Liberation font set to match fonts commonly used in the workplace.
    • The famous Google Earth world viewer (additional download required).
    • Picasa (additional download required) and GIMP to store, manage, view and edit your pictures.
    • Amarok and Kaffeine for music and video.
    • Kopete, an instant messaging application which can access MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and ICQ together.

–Mandriva 2008 One Screenshots–

Mandriva 2008 Desktop Mandriva 2008 Live CD Install Mandriva 2008 3D Compiz Fusion Mandriva 2008 Migration Wizard Mandriva 2008 Network Center Mandriva 2008 Amarok

–Mandriva 2008 One Requirements–

  • CPU: Any Intel or AMD processor, 1Ghz or better – dual-core supported
  • RAM: 256 MB minimum, 512 MB recommended
  • CD-ROM drive required
  • Video Card: NVIDIA, ATI, Intel i8xx and i9xx, SIS, Matrox, VIA.
  • 3D desktop features requires NVIDIA GeForce or later, ATI Radeon 7000 or later, or Intel i810 or later
  • Sound Card: Any Sound Blaster-compatible card and AC97 (please note that Creative Labs X-Fi cards are not currently supported)
  • Minimum hard disk space: 3GB for a smooth installation – 4GB if you plan to use KDE 4
  • Serial ATA: Most controllers supported in non-RAID mode and some in RAID mode