Download Microsoft Expression Web Designer CTP

Microsoft is trying to compete with Dreamweaver by developing a “real” web development tool. Expression Web Designer is a good effort by Microsoft but they will not be able to pull off an application that will compete with Dreamweaver (except possibly by price). People use Dreamweaver because it generates clean code and can create a large range of page formats (PHP, ASP, etc…). FrontPage was always known to be the software that created web sites where no one could understand the file structures, which forced people to use FrontPage to edit their site.

Microsoft Expression Web Designer is supposed to conquer many of the inefficiencies and non-standard coding that FrontPage would produce. If you want to try out this CTP release then the information you need can be found below.

Here is the information that Microsoft has provided about the CTP program for the Web Designer:

We are pleased to present the very first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Expression Web Designer. Expression Web Designer CTPs are incremental builds designed to provide customers an opportunity to try Expression Web Designer throughout the development cycle. Given the nature of the software development and feedback process, many Expression Web Designer features are still works in progress and will evolve based on feedback from customers over the remainder of the development cycle. This release is neither appropriate nor approved for production use.

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