Today is a very big day for Mozilla! We have Firefox and available for download as well as Thunderbird As I mentioned yesterday there are 183 bugs fixed in Firefox 42 are crashers, 3 are memory leaks, 41 are regressions and 4 are privacy-related bugs. In the comments yesterday Tom asked if this was a lot of bug fixes or if it was typical for a minor update. Since it is the first release after a major update I was expecting there to be a lot of bug fixes so this isn’t surprising to me, but only had 9 bug fixes from the previous so this update for has quite a few changes. Since there are so many changes don’t be surprised if some of your extensions have problems.

James pointed out in the comments this morning that Mozilla plans to make the changes live on the website at 10AM and the built-in updates will be activated around 5PM (both times are Pacific Time). Below you will find the downloads for each of the applications and they use a load balancing URL to access their FTP. Most sites that are already linking to the builds use an address that looks something like “…” but this one is “…”  which is supposed to spread the load out across the mirrors (or so I’ve been told).

Alright, here are the download links and if you have any problems with extensions please let us know so that others can be a little more cautious while installing the new releases:

–Firefox Download–


–Firefox Download–


–Thunderbird Download–


With all of that being said, work on Firefox and has already begun and they are looking for an end of January or early February release. Congratulations to the whole Mozilla team for another set of fine releases and keep up the good work!