Free Music Zilla

With the growing popularity of online music streaming sites it’s not surprising that tools will emerge to download the tunes you listen to. Just look at YouTube and how many tools there are to download the videos to your own computer.

Free Music Zilla is an app that will monitor the content passing through your browser. If it sees that you’re listening to a song from Imeem,, Pandora, MySpace, iJigg, MOG, or any other music service it will give you the opportunity to download the songs. The best part is that it’s pretty simple with how it works.

Once you download, install, and run Free Music Zilla it will sit in your System Tray waiting for you to listen to music on the Internet. Once it detects a song being played it will popup in the interface. Downloading it is as simple as checking the box next to the song, and hitting the download button. Alternatively you can right-click on a single song and select the download option.

As with most programs, this does have a few downsides:

  • The “Leech timeout” is a timer set by the website your listening to, and once the timer gets down to zero you won’t be able to download the song.
  • You never know which file corresponds to which song. The filenames are just numbers that make identifying the song rather difficult. Of course you can rename them just as you would rename any file, but if you’re doing this with several files the process would get rather tedious.
  • The program is limited to downloading 10 songs per day.
  • The quality of the songs vary, but the ones I tested it out on seem to have a bitrate of 128kbps. That’s not terrible, but depending on where you’re listening to the song you might be able to notice the sub-par quality.

Oh, and we can’t forget to warn you about downloading material illegally with this app. Ummm, hmmmm. I know, if you download illegal songs the RIAA will come over to your house and walk around your yard screaming “for the love of God, I have a Rolls Royce to pay for!” :)

What do you use to download songs from your favorite sites?

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