Download Music From For Free

A user on Digg had posted a method to get music from for free. allows users to have unlimited storage for their files and music. This workaround to get music from their servers will not last long because it should be considered a bug, so take advantage of it while you can!

The original method that they posted made you sift through source code looking for filenames, but I have found an easier way to do it and have posted it here:

  1. Do a search for a file or MP3.
  2. A list of matching files will now be displayed. Once you have found a matching file right-click on the filename and copy the link ( the link will look like this: ).
  3. Paste the link that you just copied into your address bar. DO NOT EXECUTE THE LINK YET.
  4. Before executing the link you need to change “?id=” to “view/” (your link should now look like this: ).
  5. Now execute the link and your browser should provide the “Save” dialog box to let you store the file on your computer.

This has worked for all links that I have tested so far. If you find that it does not work in some cases please let us know.

News Source: Digg