Nero 8 Box - Download on October 1stNero is undoubtedly my favorite software for burning CD’s and DVD’s, and on October 1st they will be releasing Nero 8 to their worldwide audience. Seeing that Nero 7 has been around for nearly 2-years I think that a big update is well overdue.

One of the interesting things that I noticed from the press release was that they removed a sentence that talked about a video upload feature:

The new and improved Nero 8 software allows users to upload videos and share content on YouTube, MySpace and My Nero with a simple one-click solution.

I was able to uncover that sentence by pulling up a version of the press release that hasn’t been edited. I’m not sure if that means this feature will not be included, or whether they are just trying to keep it under wraps for right now. At any rate here are the rest of the features that the press release outlined, but no screenshots have been made available yet:

  • Newly-designed Nero StartSmart user interface. Prime functions like burning and ripping audio and data discs can now be accessed directly, letting users complete projects with one-click functions.
  • Optimized for Vista – includes DiscCopy (a Vista sidebar gadget) that lets users copy a disc in just one click.
  • Edit photo slide shows and create High Definition video in both Blu-ray BD-AV and HD DVD video formats.
  • Nero RescueAgent allows users to restore deleted files and recover data from CDs and DVDs that may have been lost due to scratched discs, interrupted recording operations, or poor recording quality.
  • Multimedia, backup, and recovery features.
  • Live icons allows users to see what is in a file without opening it.
  • Rich Preview pane offers direct access to files from within the Windows Explorer browser.

When Nero 8 is released on October 1, 2007 it will cost $99.99 in stores, or you can download it for $79.99 from their website.

Source: DownloadSquad & AppScout