I used to use the standard Windows Notepad for a lot of different things until someone made me aware of Notepad++. It is a light text editor that is a great replacement for the Notepad that comes with Windows. It does everything from syntax highlighting for many of the popular programming languages all the way to letting you view two files side-by-side.

If you love to have a bunch of text files open then you’ll love this even more. Notepad++ has a built-in tab system to help reduce the clutter in your taskbar. It seems like everything is getting tabs so your text reader shouldn’t be any different, right?

Here is a list of what’s new in Notepad++ 3.9:

  • Remember the bookmarks, zoom level and visibilities of white space/EOL characters in each saved session. 
  • Add the capacity to clear read only attribute. 
  • Fix the reload bug for read-only file. 
  • Add the capacity to write the files which have the system attribute. 
  • Backup file on each save (optional : verbose mode & normal mode). 
  • Add the close button for each tab like Opera (optional). 
  • Add double click on tab to close document feature (optional). 
  • Add word completion (Alt+Space) feature. 
  • Fix the line number margin display bug. 
  • Add Opera style task list tab switcher (Ctrl+Tab or Mouse Right Click + Mouse Wheel).  
  • Add Ada, Caml, AutoIt, KixTart, Matlab, Verilog language support. 
  • Add TeX folding support. 

Download Notepad++ 3.9 (Windows Installer)
Download Notepad++ 3.9 (Windows ZIP)