2.0.4 was just put on the FTP server and can now be downloaded. They have not updated the download page to reflect the new version so the release notes are currently not available. Here is a list of what was expected to be done for this release

  • LaTeX export
  • Enhanced support for Extensions
    • extended Dialog Editor to support binding of UNO Objects
    • Library export in Basic IDE
    • Dependencies for extensions
  • Netbeans Integration enhancements
  • System Integration
    • Slackware
    • Use MacOSX installer for X11 builds
  • Automated Update Notification
  • Support of new locales
    • Fijian (fj_FJ)
    • Tigrigana (ti_ER)
    • Namibian (af_NA, en_NA)
    • Amharic Ethiopia (am_ET)
  • Database Enhancements
    • Reports from a native query

One person in the forums commented saying that the performance of 2.0.4 was better than 2.0.3 so it is probably worth doing the 90MB+ download.

This release comes a little over 3-months after version 2.03 was released. The typical schedule for new releases of is actually 3-months so this one is right on target. Of course they probably won’t officially announce this release until the end of the week since it will be the 6-year anniversary of the website going live (yes, it lands on Friday the 13th). That is when they opened themselves up to the world to enjoy a free Office productivity suite.

Here are the download links for the new 2.0.4:

Download 2.0.4 for Windows
Download OpenOffice.or 2.0.4 for Linux

The thought of 3.0 still floats around in my mind and surfaces every now and again for air. I am just curious what they will be doing to make it an even better productivity suite. Will they still stick with the toolbars or will they switch up the design a little to give it a fresh new look. I have read in a few different places that a tabbed interface is in the works and should get released before 3.0! It is still a little disappointing that version 3 will not be released for quite awhile (probably at least a year). Here is a list of the known release dates and what features the future versions should have: 2.1 (December 2006)

  • SoC: SQLite driver
  • Extension Manager
    • Versioning of Extensions 2.2 (March 2007)

  • Unknown 2.3 (June 2007)

  • Chart2 2.x/3.0 (Unknown)

  • Basic API & UNO support for bibliographic enhancements
  • Bibliographic enhancements Stage 2
  • New Chart Module
  • XForms Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements
    • Threading Framework
    • Drawing Engine
  • Table support in Impress
  • Extensions:
    • API enhancements
    • GUI enhancements