Computer Wallpaper has placed 2.0.4 RC1 on their FTP servers for both Windows and Linux users. I tried looking for some information on exactly what bugs they have fixed but I came up empty handed.

I did, however, come across their wiki for 2.0.4 which states that this version is scheduled for release on September 19. While you are sitting around waiting for the new release you can head over to their forums and add your thoughts on what you would like to see in version 3. A few things that I repeatedly saw over and over through the list was speed improvements and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) support.

I think is already pretty good on the speed but the VBA support definitely needs to be done better. So many companies and people, including myself, use VBA in their spreadsheets and it is difficult to make the switch from Microsoft Office. has something that is supposed to handle the VBA code but it just seems to choke when I try to throw something at it.

I have also been wondering where their Outlook competing software is? Sure I know Mozilla already makes Thunderbird but I think an email client is an important part of an Office suite. It would actually be cool to see Mozilla team up with them and really beef up Thunderbird which will definitely attract more people then.

If you like that image I have above then maybe you should checkout the rest of these wallpapers. They’re pretty sweet.