2.1 2.1 RC1 has been released and is calling your name. This new version is scheduled for release in about two-weeks (December 12) and the goal of 2.1 is to support extensions (none have been developed at this point). 2.0.4 supported non-code extensions which are more commonly referred to as templates but the “real” extensions should be usable in 2.1.

My initial though was “extensions for an Office suite?” Then I started to think about how powerful the extensions are for Firefox and I’m sure people would develop powerful extensions for as well. If you want the applications to do something special it might be as simple as searching the extensions page and performing a one-click install to get the feature. The other cool thing is that the extensions will automatically update themselves so that you don’t have to worry about manually checking for updated releases of your installed extensions.

I remember a few months back when I read about the extensions it sounded pretty interesting. It has actually been awhile since I last tried because I have been getting used to the Office 2007 Beta’s that Microsoft started to make available earlier this year. I have to admit that I’m used to the Ribbon that Microsoft put in Office 2007 and it would probably be hard for me to go back to toolbars. :( I’m pretty tempted to test out this version of though.

Download 2.1 RC1

Thanks for the tip Chris!