Paint.NET 3 Beta 1

Beta 1 of Paint.NET 3 is now available for download and I highly recommend this amazing image editing tool. At this point Paint.NET 3 is feature complete and over the next two months they will be working solely on bug fixes. Here is what’s new in this version:

  • New effect: Clouds
  • New menu command: Edit->Fill Selection (shortcut key: Backspace). This will fill any selected area with the primary color.
  • New toolbar item / hotkey: The brush size may be manipulated with +/- buttons in the toolbar. Hotkeys for this are [ and ], and you may hold Ctrl to increment or decrement by 5.
  • New translations: They are not complete yet, and in fact some have just been started. They are mostly in place right now in order to get the code correct: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, and Spanish. You will have the ability to choose one of these languages during installation, and from the Help->Language menu, but the text will still be either mostly or completely English. Complete translations will be finished by February.
  • Added left-handed shortcut keys for Cut (Shift+Del), Copy (Ctrl+Ins), Paste (Shift+Ins)
  • Upper-left coordinate of selection is now displayed in the status bar
  • When moving text with the Text tool, the anchor point coordinate is now displayed in the status bar

One thing I can’t get over is that Microsoft doesn’t include this program with Windows. They definitely shouldn’t replace the original version of Paint because I know some people that use it simply because there isn’t a lot of buttons to confuse them, but power users would love to see Paint.NET integrated with Windows. Maybe they could just offer a menu command to switch between “advanced” and “basic” modes?

I have been using this program for several months now and would hate not having it. I am also an avid Photoshop user but I find myself using Paint.NET more than Photoshop because it loads so quickly and lets me get my stuff done fast. They obviously don’t have as many features as Photoshop nor a comparable number of filters but I hardly use them anyway. Congrats to the Paint.NET team because they have done an amazing job on this product!

Note: This version does expire December 31 but that is because a newer version will be out before then.

News Source: Paint.NET Blog