Download grooveshark song

I’m an undeniable fan of Grooveshark and have gotten quite a few people hooked on their free web-based interface for listening to their favorite tunes. Not everyone likes to stream music though, and that’s when they turn to the free GrooveDown app to provide search and download capabilities powered by Grooveshark’s vast library.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an application like this become available, but there are some really unique features that set it apart from the others. For starters you can download songs in bulk by creating a download list, which you can then start the transfer at anytime you want. This is an excellent way for those of you that want to queue up a bunch of downloads and just have them run overnight.

If your music listening tastes tend to run down the popular course there is also an option in the Tools menu you’ll want to take a peek at. From there you can have the search list display the top 500 songs on Grooveshark, and in just a few clicks you can be downloading all of them.

GrooveDown claims that it is legal to download songs from Grooveshark, but I’m sure plenty of people will disagree.

GrooveDown Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)
via AddictiveTips