host download speed test.png

I use quite a bit to help determine how well my Internet service is performing. Something I didn’t realize until recently was that they actually have a “mini” version of the online service available for those of you who want to host some basic tests on your own servers for free. Why is that beneficial? Well, if you run your own website you could use this to see what kind of download and upload speeds you can get when the files are being served off the server.

It’s extremely easy to set up as well. Just download the zip file, extract the contents, and determine which HTML file is appropriate (depends on whether you want to use PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, or ASP):

  1. Download and unzip onto your server
  2. Select which index-*.html file to use
  3. Rename the chosen file to index.html
  4. Load up index.html in your browser

The test makes use of 10 images that range in size from 246KB up to 31.6MB, and will upload/download the appropriate sizes to accurately determine the network performance. The only drawback is that every few months or so you’ll have to re-download Mini due to an expiration they’ve built into it, but that will also ensure that you’re getting all the latest improvements that they have made.

P.S. There is not a mini version of Mini Homepage