Download The Firefox 1.x Classic ThemeThere are quite a few people who were “not pleased” (to put it nicely) with the new Firefox 2 theme. It was obvious that someone would put together a classic version of the original Firefox 1.x theme but I didn’t think it would take longer than one day. This theme is only for Firefox 2.0b1 and beyond for obvious reasons. I didn’t really feel that screenshots were necessary because those people who want to use the theme should already know what it looks like :D .

There Are 3 Comments

  1. I’m using the latest nightly and i see an incredibly long “go” button, as well as an extra thin search box.

    Other that that, not bad; although it is pretty noticeable that it’s not real.

    GO button and search box MUST be fixed before i can consider actually using this theme.

  2. If you do like all new Firefox 2 icons, but just want to have a system-style tabs, then take a look at this atricle: []

  3. I don’t like the new firefox as I have to learn all over again. One addon I miss is the progress bar for seeing how far along you are while down loading or getting to another site How do I undo this new firefox and get my good older one I liked so much. I want the version of firefox that was the one before this new one now came available. Dang, If its not broken Stop truying to fix or get better. Newest is not better HELP PLEASE

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