The new Azureus has finally emerged and is ready for you to download it. It has been a few months since I have seen even a minor update so this is highly welcomed. Here’s what you’ll find new in this release:

  • Send to a friend – A wizard to simplify sending a link to content to a friend or to embed in a web page (e.g. a blog).
  • Auto upload speed – This feature controls your upload speed based on the latency of your Internet connection as gauged by pinging other members of the Distributed Database.
  • OSX: Open .torrent files into Azureus via Finder/Desktop/etc.
  • ‘Do not download’ files handled more consistently with respect to download completion.
  • Renaming of a download directories.
  • Moving of data files on torrent removal from Azureus.
  • Signed updates and plug-ins for improved security.
  • Interface improvements – more information: date added, idle times, new info view, file piece view; more per-torrent options.
  • Debug information generator.

If you already have Azureus installed then you can easily upgrade by going to the Help menu and selecting “Check for Updates.” Okay, after you get it up and running you will be all set to download those torrents, you know, for the software and music that isn’t illegal. ;)