Microsoft Max

Microsoft has released yet another Beta version of their software codename Max. It has already been in development for almost a year and seems to be progressing nicely, but slowly. In that time they seemed to have focused primarily on letting users manage photos and create slideshows to share with their friends. They even made it easy to write on the image which is great for Tablet PC users. Here is what the annotation looks like:

Microsoft Max Photo Annotation

It also has a news reader and the most recent version of Max, that was released today, now has RSS capabilities. The screenshot below is what the news page looks like, however, I grabbed these screenshots off of their site. Once I heard that it had RSS capabilities and a “newspaper” layout I thought I would give it a shot. Apparently I thought wrong because it is not compatible with Vista!? Here is what the general news layout looks like:

Microsoft Max News

I don’t have an XP machine easily accessible at this moment to play with the new feature but the interface does look pretty sleek. I am wondering how their RSS reader works because I couldn’t find any screenshots of an RSS feed being displayed. I wonder if it is the same as the general news layout pictured above?

I am addicted to using GreatNews as my feed reader because it is free (at least while they’re testing it) and it supports the newspaper layout. After you read your feeds in the newspaper layout I don’t think you can go back to the Outlook style.

If someone decides to give this a try then maybe you could send a screenshot of the RSS page that I can post to the article. Send it to but make sure you are running Windows XP SP2 otherwise you won’t be able to install Microsoft Max.

Download Microsoft Codename Max (Beta)

Thanks to Pierre who sent in the screenshot with the RSS in action. You can notice the “Add Web Feed” option but I would have liked to see them implement a more condense list of feeds rather than the large buttons. It does look nice though.

Microsoft Max News