Opera MiniOpera just announced the official release of the Opera Mini 3.0 web browser. It is the perfect piece of software to run on your cellphone that will cater to all of your browsing needs. The cool thing about Opera Mini is that you don’t have to pay a single dime for it! Here is the summary from the Press Release that was just made:

  • Today, Opera Software introduces Opera Mini 3.0, the latest version of the award-winning mobile browser already used by eight million people worldwide
  • The upgrade available today introduces new features that enhance mobile social networking abilities on all community sites: photo sharing, RSS feed reader and secure connections.
  • Opera Mini is not tied to any single service, so it offers a personal Web experience that can be used to easily browse and upload pictures to all online community sites, including MySpace, Blogger, Flickr, Facebook and My Opera, as well as securely using popular webmail such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
  • Featuring secure connections, Opera Mini makes all Web transactions safe, including banking or shopping on eBay or Amazon.
  • Opera Mini is globally available free of charge and enables Web browsing on almost any mobile phone. Only an Internet data plan through your carrier/operator is needed to access the Internet.

Opera is really on top of their game because this browser looks like it is really remarkable. The videos below cover a variety of features and show the Opera Mini in action which really makes me want to install this on my phone. Right now I don’t have Internet service on my cellphone but this makes me wish that I did…

Download Opera Mini 3.0
Opera Mini 3.0 Feature Guide

Opera has a simulator available if you want to see what a site looks like on the phone. Thanks to Opera Watch for pointing that out.

Here are all of the videos:

Opera Mini – What is it?


Opera Mini – Photo blogging on MySpace


Opera Mini – Secure shopping on eBay


Opera Mini – RSS on Yahoo News


Opera Mini – Content Folding on BBC Sports