Windows Media Player 11 We all knew it was coming today and it has! Microsoft released Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP to the public. It has almost been exactly two-months since Microsoft released WMP 11 Beta 2 and now everyone can bask in the joy of the final release.

For those of you who haven’t tried Windows Media Player 11 then I think you will be surprisingly impressed. Microsoft put a lot of effort into competing with Apple’s iTunes software and it definitely shows.

One area, however, that is apparently being left out is podcast support. I understand that Microsoft would want to stay away from things that Apple has started, but podcasts are practically a standard. If their iPod competitor, called the Zune, isn’t going to support podcasts either then they just lost a lot of potential buyers. Of course they may have something up their sleeves…you know how Microsoft likes to be sneaky and underhanded.

Windows Media Player Homepage

Direct Download Links (WGA validation still required for installation):
Download Windows Media Player 11 (32-bit)
Download Windows Media Player 11 (64-bit)

Thanks to all of the people who sent this one in!