Download The NewsGator Toolbar For IE And Firefox

NewsGator just released a beta version of a toolbar for both Firefox and Internet Explorer users. It will make it easy to subscribe to feeds in your NewsGator Online, NewsGator Inbox, or FeedDemon RSS readers. So is it worth the download? I strongly dislike they way it is implemented into Firefox because they don’t have just a simple extension you can download. You have to download the installer and halfway through the setup process it asks you if you want to install it for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or both. Being a Firefox user myself I was greatly discouraged to download the toolbar because of the installer. I gave in and decided to try it out. I was expecting to see some pretty sweet features since it does take up a whole toolbar. After playing with it for a few minutes, in Firefox 2 Beta 1, I came to realize that the toolbar served no purpose for me other than taking up my precious screen space. I can already choose how I want to subscribe to feeds using the built-in features that Firefox 2 has. The only nice thing is the pop-up window that is displayed after you click to “Subscribe.” I like that it shows the number of subscribers to the current feed but the numbers are only for NewsGator users. You may end up loving the new toolbar but for me it just isn’t worth it. It is in the Beta stage so they might still add more functionality but they could at least make a separate Firefox extension.