Firefox Logo Firefox 2 RC3 is nearing release and should be out next Tuesday if everything goes as planned. In the mean time Mozilla is testing out what could end up being Firefox 2 RC3 and the downloads are available on their FTP. If you don’t want to use the FTP you can download whatever language you would like (almost all are available) by using the drop-down menu that I have put together:

According to their schedule RC3 should be the last release candidate before Firefox 2 is launched. The Developer’s Calendar does not seem to officially say when the launch date will be but the last mentioning of Bon Echo (Firefox 2) is on October 24, which was the previously planned release date.

I’m crossing my fingers in hope that Mozilla will be able to get Firefox 2 out-the-door around the same time that Internet Explorer 7 ships. Hopefully that would prevent some people from switching back to IE from Firefox.