Download The Skype For Mac With Video Preview

It looks like Skype is working on a video-compatible version for Mac users. They are still fine tuning the software to make sure it is perfect but they have made a preview version available for those people who want to give it a try. So now you can actually see who you are talking with instead of just hearing them. Here are the specs on the download:
  • Preview release:
  • Release date: July 25, 2006
  • File name: Skype_BETA_1.5.0.47_Video_preview.dmg
  • File size: 23 MB
  • Suggested webcams include Apple iSight, Philips SPC900NC, or Logitech QuickCam Pro 400. Drivers for the Philips and Logitech webcams can be downloaded from

So now it is time for those Mac users to start tinkering around and see what kind of bugs they can scrounge up. Head on over to the Skype For Mac With Video page so that you can start downloading it and if you find any bugs or have a recommendatio nmake sure you let them know. Hopefully the Skype servers will be able to handle the increase in bandwidth usage!