Download The Universal Binary Of Flip4MacIt has been a long time since Microsoft updated Flip4Mac but they have finally done it…and the crowd goes wild! Flip4Mac is a Quicktime plug-in for, of course, Mac users that will let you watch Windows Media Videos (WMV). The greatest part about this plug-in is that it is an universal binary so those people with Intel Macs will finally be able to watch those videos they have been saving up.

Here is what’s new in this release:

  • Added playback optimizations for Intel Macs
  • Added significant export optimizations for PowerPC Macs
  • Added multi language audio support in player
  • Added overlay when importing WMV content in trial mode
  • Added support for web authors to disable “save as” feature in web browser
  • Improved support for MMS servers and live streams
  • Fixed DCT Blocking issue (progressive deterioration with increasing distance from previous keyframe)
  • Fixed encode errors when the audio bit rate is set higher than the video bit rate.

So if you are looking for more information then head over to the Flip4Mac page otherwise you can download this directly from Microsoft. See, Microsoft doesn’t hate Mac users ;) .