Windows Live Installer In about 11 hours Microsoft will be launching their Windows Live Wave 2, which is a collection of applications offered at no cost. You can download the new installer now even though the “wave” of updated programs won’t be released until later today.

There has been no mention of new features for the programs included with Windows Live Wave 2, but most of the apps have new version numbers indicating that they must at least include bug fixes. All of the programs have also had the Beta tag removed. Here is a list of the apps you’ll be able to install:

  • Windows Live Messenger – chat with your friends
  • Windows Live Writer – write blog posts
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery – manage your photos
  • Windows Live Mail – check your email
  • Windows Live Toolbar – search the Internet
  • Windows Live Family Safety – control what your kids look at

One of the changes users have been noticing is that the programs finally support 64-bit Windows! This was a long time coming, and it was a big point of criticism when Microsoft released their last Beta. The installer is still a bit slow, which is a big disappointment (took me 20 minutes to update my 3 programs).

I highly recommend the Windows Live Photo Gallery, which I’ve been using a lot lately to manage my photos. It has a slick interface that almost everyone will find intuitive. Oh, and the built-in Flickr uploader is an awesome tool for the Flickr users out there.

Download Windows Live Wave 2 Installer [via LiveSide]