DreamScene Windows Update

DreamScene Those of you who feel the need to splurge and buy Windows Vista Ultimate will finally get the Extra that you have been waiting for. What is it? DreamScene! When Microsoft released the Ultimate Extras two weeks ago without DreamScene a lot of users were disappointed, but the time has finally come to unleash your desktop with some video action!

If you’re not running Windows Vista Ultimate edition then you won’t be able to access the Extras that are being offered, such as Bitlocker, Texas Hold’em, and now DreamScene. One thing that I should caution you on is that the current version of DreamScene is in the pre-release stage so Microsoft is just offering users an early chance to see what all of the hype is about.

To install DreamScene it is as simple as going to the Windows Update section in the Control Panel and having it search for updates. As seen in the screenshot at the top it will notify you that there are some Ultimate Extras available for you to download. After the updates install you have to restart your computer and then go to the Control Panel -> Personalize -> Desktop Background. In the drop-down menu you should see an option for DreamScene. The download only comes with one movie clip right now and it is of the Windows Vista background (more movie clips will be included in the final DreamScene release).

I started searching around for more backgrounds and found this blog that has uploaded several quick clips that should be perfect since you can use your own movies. I looked at a few that the site offers and they are okay, but the big pain is that the person uploaded them via RapidShare so it isn’t very easy to download them all to see what they’re like. The Bliss was probably my favorite out of the ones that I saw, but even that wasn’t very remarkable…I’m holding out for a waterfall. I hope Microsoft bundles some really great movies with DreamScene when it ships in full form. 

The other thing that came to my mind was CPU usage when using an animated desktop. I actually didn’t notice a change from before and after so however they setup the background to play the movies must be really efficient, and kudos to Microsoft for coding it to run efficiently!

Here are two videos that I came across today that demonstrate what DreamScene can do: