Download WinRAR 3.51 For Free - Today Only!WinRAR is trying to show their appreciation to everyone for making them the “best overall utility” according to the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation. They are giving everyone a single-user license which is valued at $29. The only bad part is that the license is non-upgradeable so you will not be able to update the program.

The software, as most people know, normally offers a trial version which has an annoying nag screen. You can finally get rid of that but the problem is that the download site where you need to register at cannot handle all of the traffic. I had to refresh the screen about 20 times before I finally got the registration screen up but then you have to submit the information to them. After hitting Submit I had to continuously refresh and say OK to “resending the POSTDATA…” popup each time. I finally got through though.

Once you do actually get it to go through it will email you a link to the key that you need. Well, there is a little trick that will save you some time and actually skip the whole registration process. The link they send you includes a unique ID but it doesn’t really matter what it is, so just use this URL:

and replace the X’s with a bunch of numbers or letters. Just keep refreshing that URL and eventually it will popup to download the registration file. The registration file can be downloaded twice using the same ID. Once you download the registration file just go ahead and run it. Yes, it is that easy.