WinZip 11 WinZip is finally making a new version available to the public despite it still being in the Beta stage. It definitely took them long enough make WinZip 11 but it will now support RAR archives, well, they only let you extract them. I think it is pretty funny that they have been working on WinZip 11 for who knows how long and they only support the extraction of RAR files? Heck if I just wanted to extract RAR files I would use 7-Zip which is a free application that does practically everything WinZip does.

I have been a WinRAR user forever and normally I just let it continually run in trial mode but when they offered it for free a few months back I swooped in and snatched that up. WinRAR is definitely my favorite archival software and I’m kinda surprised to hear that people still use WinZip. When I setup a computer for someone, however, 7-Zip is definitely the tool that I install because people find it even easier to use than WinZip normally.

If you still decide that you want to give WinZip 11 a try then head on over to their download page. All the way at the bottom of that page there is a download button and once you press that your download should be initiated. You shouldn’t really expect to see too many new things besides the RAR support after you get it up and running but here is a full list of changes for those curious minds.