windows-xp-sp3.pngSo Windows XP SP3 was finally completed on Monday which goes along with the release schedule that we had previously provided. TechNet and MSDN subscribers were furious that they would not be given the download until after it was released to the public, and looked at it as a slap in the face from Microsoft. The negative publicity obviously wasn’t what Microsoft wanted, and so today they made the download available to those subscribers.

Does it even matter now? Not really… the 316MB XP SP3 download is appearing on sites all across the Internet. A good example of this is over at two of my favorite places: Major Geeks and Softpedia. They’ve already posted the full download, and have mirrored it in several different locations. That essentially means that it is already publicly available despite the fact that Microsoft won’t officially be posting it on their own site until Monday.

So if you want to get XP SP3 (build 5512) a little early head on over to Major Geeks or Softpedia. The download speeds won’t be blazing fast, but it sure beats tinkering around with a torrent.