The great thing about Flickr is that they host your photos without costing you a thing in bandwidth or storage costs. That is awesome but a problem arises when you want to get your pictures from there. Sure you could go through and save each one individually but that could take an insanely long time for some people! Flickr has a tool to do that though, right? Nope, they have bulk uploading tools but the last thing they want you to do is waste their bandwidth downloading all of your photos to a PC.

Have no fear…FlickrDown is here! This freeware utility will let you download any user’s images in just a few clicks and they will neatly be stored on your computer. You can choose from certain sets of photos, a few images here and there,  or just check the last box and it will download everything that is available to the public. The program isn’t made to be all fancy but it sure gets the job done and couldn’t be much easier to use.