Dragon Naturally Speaking 9

Voice recognition software has continued to progress over the last several years. Dragon Naturally Speaking is probably one of the most well known and most widely used programs for voice recognition. A recent article in PC World states that the latest version, Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 boasts a 99 percent accuracy rate out of the box!

Previous versions were able to obtain 99% accuracy, but this was only after a user read a script to train the program. That means no “training” session with this version, although one is still available if a user isn’t completely satisfied.

They have labeled the new version “uncannily accurate” however, it still may take a few days for the program to train itself which will increase accuracy. Accuracy depends on how a person talks, and the sound quality. Nuance, the maker of the software is certifying two Bluetooth wireless headsets for use with the software making it more convenient. Also important to note, the 99% accuracy rate is for the American English version.

This new release is available for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Australian, Asian, Indian, and U.K. English.