DreamscenePeople who can afford to fork out the money for Vista Ultimate will receive what Microsoft calls the “Ultimate Extras.” These are additional features that can be downloaded through the Windows Updates to provide things like drive encryption, Texas Hold’em poker, and DreamScene.

People think that the DreamScene is cool because it lets you add movies as your desktop background. The movies continuously loop, and if they are well done they will look like one continuous movie. Right now there are several videos available for DreamScene that have been created by Microsoft:

Up til now only Vista Ultimate users had the pleasure of using DreamScene, but as expected the hackers got their hands on it and figured out a way to make it work on any version of Windows Vista. The hacked version requires that you use patched DreamScene files, and you also have to run a batch script to modify some other stuff on your PC.

Just because it is possible for you to run DreamScene on Vista I don’t really think it is worth it. I have a copy of Vista Ultimate and have had the pleasure of trying out DreamScene, but I really don’t think it lives up to the hype. When using DreamScene I can notice enough of a performance hit that makes me not want to use it.

There are some things that DreamScene does to help with performance and save battery life though. When you maximize a window it stops the animation on your desktop, but I typically have multiple windows open (and never just one maximized window) which causes the desktop animation to continuously play. DreamScene will also not play when your computer is running on batteries, which is a nice touch because it doesn’t unnecessarily drain your battery power.

It admittedly looks awesome, and is one of those things that you would probably show your friends just because you can. However, it isn’t worth using patched versions of files on your PC which could potentially put the security of your system at risk. Ultimately (no pun intended) though, the decision is yours.

Source: My Digital Life [via GHacks]