DriverMax 3 Vista Hardware

DriverMax is one of my favorite applications, and it particularly comes in handy when you plan on formatting your computer. We’ve shown how you can use it to export all of your current drivers being used on your computer, and then import them whenever needed. If you find yourself spending long amounts of time installing drivers then this program is a must!

The new version also puts a lot of important hardware performance at your fingertips. One of the new features Vista included is the Experience Index, which rates your hardware on a scale of 1 to 5.9 (the maximum score will increase as hardware continues to get better). DriverMax has setup a Best & Popular Hardware website which utilizes the Experience Index, and it is an absolutely remarkable addition to the program.

The site lets you view the best performing video cards and processors according to their Experience Index, which may serve as a good starting point for upgrading your computer. They also have a section dedicated to the most popular video cards and processors. Stats on about 30,000 have been collected thusfar: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 is the most popular video card, and the Intel P4 2.80GHz is the most popular processor. So even if you don’t install DriverMax be sure to checkout the cool new hardware site!

DriverMax Homepage
DriverMax Popular Hardware Site
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