Back in March when we wrote about a new service in private beta called Dropbox, there were all kinds of people interested in it and wanting to get in on the private beta to try it out. We were able to give out 50 invites, but there were still many, many people who wanted an invite, but were unable to get one. Thanks to a tip from Cory, we found that Dropbox is currently getting ready to “open the gates” so to speak, and they will be allowing “tens of thousands” of users to start using the service. But more importantly, they want their blog readers to get a chance to get in on it too, even if they hadn’t signed up previously. For a limited time they have provided a code just for their blog readers to use to sign-up.

You’re a Dropbox blog reader, right? ;) They did post an interesting article today discussing some of the different ways that people are using the service like using it to synchronize chat logs across all computers of an account, using it as a “dropbox” for faxes, and they said one user even uses it as a security system – “one user set up his webcam to record video once motion is detected, with the resulting file being dumped into his Dropbox. He uses this combination as a security system of sorts when he’s out of town.” Interesting, isn’t it?

dropbox beta invite.png

So now here’s the important part, where we tell you how to get your beta code. Just go here and then you’ll be provided with the download, as well as your beta code which will be outsidethebox. The download is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.4 or above.


Thanks for the tip CoryC!