One of our faithful readers, Alex, noticed our underlying plea for an invite to the Dropbox service that we wrote about earlier today. While Dropbox has no formal way to invite a friend they do let you share a folder with others, and if they don’t have an account it will let them create one on-the-spot. So Alex shared a folder with us, and we were able to get an account!

Now we want to help spread some of the Dropbox love. There doesn’t appear to be any limitation on the number of people you can share a folder with, but we don’t want to be sending invites day in and day out. So we’ll send invites to the first 50 people who request them in the comments below.

All we need is your email address which you can specify in the email field (registered users can change their email address on the account page), or you can put it in the comment field if you don’t mind everyone seeing it. After we send out the 50 invites we’ll let everyone know in the comments, and hopefully some other individuals will take a few minutes to invite the others who weren’t fortunate enough to get in on the action.

dropbox invites

Make sure you check your spam folder because it’s very much possible that it will be filtered as spam by your email service. We won’t be sending them out every minute or anything, and so you may have to wait a few hours to get your invite. We do sleep contrary to popular belief.

And remember, Dropbox is a Beta service so don’t yell at us if your computer blows up or grows mutant legs and walks away.

UPDATE: Bad news guys, it looks like Dropbox is currently limiting the number of people you can invite using this method. We were only able to send invites out to the first four commenters. I really apologize, but they didn’t state anywhere that they limited that. I would very much appreciate it if the people who do receive the invites contact me so that they can share the invites with some of the other people who were supposed to get them.

UPDATE 2: Okay, invites have been sent out to EVERYONE as of 8:30AM Central Time on March 14th. Don’t ask us how we did it, because we’re not proud of it. Just check the email address you provided (especially the spam folder) for the Dropbox invite.