DVArchive 3.2 Released After 2 Years

It has almost been 2 years exactly since DVArchive was last updated. Version 3.2 brings some bug fixes, improved stability, and most importantly it is compatible with Java V1.4.2 AND ABOVE. DVArchive 3.1 always required that you were running Java V1.4.2 on your computer which quickly became a hassle.

If you haven’t heard of DVArchive before then you probably don’t own a ReplayTV. DVArchive is a piece of software that you install on your computer and lets you manage almost everything on your ReplayTV. I use it all the time for scheduling shows, and the greatest thing is that you can remotely access DVArchive from the Web so you can schedule a show no matter where you are. If you are a ReplayTV user then this is one piece of software that you need.

Unfortunately ReplayTV is moving away from the set-top boxes and installing their DVR software right onto computers. I like the idea of having a computer do the work but it is also nice having a dedicated box that will do everything. The most beneficial thing about using a computer would be the ability to easily upgrade certain components like the hard drive capacity. It will be interesting to see how customers react in September when the new service launches.