Today is April 22nd which means it’s Earth Day in many countries around the World. It all started in 1970 when the first Earth Day was celebrated to coincide with the environmental movement. Around the web you’ll find a handful of different sites celebrating the day by changing their logo. Social Web Browser Flock even launched a new “Eco-edition” of their browser just in time for the day. It’s got lots of green and comes with some pre-loaded content for those that are conscious of the environment.


Yahoo’s logo changed for the day and it’s actually pretty cool. The screenshot below doesn’t do it justice because Yahoo uses Flash on the site that starts out looking like the normal Yahoo logo but turns into a green animated logo to celebrate the day. Check it out…


Usually isn’t one to jump in and change their logo or their site to celebrate any occasions, but today they did. Their focus is on carbon footprints and so their homepage has big footprints at the bottom of the page and they say: “It’s Earth Day! Search for ways to reduce your carbon footprint.” Search Engine - Better Web Search.png


Of course we all knew that Google would do something, right? They seem to be the ones that started the trend of celebrating special days by changing their logo so here’s what they’ve come up with this year. Compared to Earth Day 2006 and 2007, we’d say this year’s is the best.

Google Earth Day Logo.png


Following in Google’s footsteps, YouTube is reminding those that visit their site today that it’s Earth Day by changing their logo:

YouTube Earth Day Logo..png


Even AOL got in on it! As a side note, and a little off-topic, I haven’t visited AOL for quite some time, but boy, does it sure look like Yahoo’s page! AOL, couldn’t you have gotten creative and tried to come up with something unique?

AOL Earth Day.png


Facebook’s way of celebrating the day is by offering a free gift that users are able to give to their friends that’s all about saving energy.

Facebook Earth Day Gift.png


As mentioned, Flock has come out with a special Flock-Eco Edition. Aside from a special browser, they also note that they give back 10% of their earning to help the environment which is nice. They’ve partnered with some eco-friendly sites and with this particular version of Flock, you’ll receive daily news feeds from those sites which include:

  • TreeHugger, Think MTV, Environmental News Network, Ecorazzi, National Geographic, Green Yahoo!, Grist, Sprig, Planetgreen, and more…

You’ll find the download links here , and this is what it looks like:

Flock Eco Friendly Addition.png

Know of any other sites around the web that are celebrating Earth Day? Let us know!