Disable IE7 Automatic Install

If you’re not ready to have Internet Explorer 7 installed from the Automatic Updates then you may want to disable it. IntelliAdmin has put together two great tools to disable the IE7 update so that you don’t have to go digging through the registry.

The first tool will let you remotely enable/disable the update by entering in the computer’s name and the username/password of the machine. It will then remotely connect and change exactly what it needs to.

The other tool that they have is for enabling/disabling the IE7 update on your local machine. Just one click and you will be all set to block Internet Explorer 7 from being able to automatically install on your system!

I actually welcome the new Internet Explorer because it brings a lot of changes in both security and usability. I would understand that some corporate environments may not want to do the upgrade until they can walk their employees through how to use it, but home users should dive right in and get their feet wet.