Saturday’s CyberNotes was all about a service called Grooveshark Lite which reminds us of a combination of Pandora and It provides users with a quick and easy way to listen to and discover music. After writing about Grooveshark Lite, we recently came across a site called TinySong which is linked to Grooveshark.

TinySong makes sharing songs with others really easy. When you go to their site, just enter the song or artists name into the search field that you are looking to share. It will pull up a list of options and then you’ll just click on it. Once you do, they’ll provide you with a short URL which links to Grooveshark Lite.

Step One:


Result of clicking on the name of a song:


The url automatically gets copied to your clipboard so that you can easily paste it and start listening to the song. No registration is required, and you can use this service as much as you want.