Yesterday we wrote about the new themes for the Google Personalized Homepage that change to match the time of day and weather. We also mentioned that there were to be hidden “Easter Eggs” that would appear at certain times, and they would “delight high-tech geeks with a sense of humor.” At that point, no one had seen these Easter Eggs, but early this morning they made their grand appearance, and here’s a small glimpse at what you will see (Thanks to Tony Ruscoe):

Egg1 Egg2 Egg3 Egg4Egg5

  • Beach – Loch Ness Monster
  • City Scape – UFOs
  • Pi in the Sky – Sweet Dreams
  • Tea House – Weird creatures in the water? (anybody know what that is?)
  • Seasonal Scape – Northern Lights

Also interesting is that these appear at 3:14 am (Pi = 3.14) and last for a minute. So far there doesn’t appear to be any surprise for those using the “Bus Stop” theme. I’m not up very often at 3:14 am, so thanks to Tony for posting these screenshots!