Drag and drop file sharing

There is no shortage of services that want to help you store and share files, and many of them all have the same clunky feel. When I came across Droplr, however, it immediately felt a lot more polished than other services I’ve used.

You can use Droplr in a couple of ways. For starters you can choose whether to sign up for an account or just use the service unregistered. If you sign up you’ll get the benefits of being able to refer to files you’ve uploaded in the past and you can delete files you’ve shared, but you’ll also be limited to 1GB of storage. If you choose not to register you won’t have the storage limit, but after the file has been uploaded the control is really out of your hands.

After you decide whether or not you want to have an account you’ll then be able to move on to using the service. Registered users get access to a slick web-based file manager as well as the ability to use the Mac and Windows desktop apps. Unregistered users, on the other hand, will need to upload files using the drag-and-drop web interface you see pictured in the screenshot above.

If you fall in love with the service you’ll be able to pay $3/month to get 100GB of storage and the ability to upload files up to 1GB in size (up from 25MB for free accounts). This isn’t something I’ll be using a ton since I use Dropbox for a lot of my sharing needs, but I will recommend it to friends looking to share files with me since they won’t have to hassle with signing up for an account.

Droplr Homepage