AccuTunes calls themselves “The easiest-to-use Internet Radio Station” and we have to agree that it is pretty easy to use. Not only is it easy to use, but they’ve got quite the selection of music as well. They must be doing something right because they were a recent winner of the 2008 Webby Awards.

The process of listening to music you’ll enjoy is very simple and they divide it into numbered steps:

  1. Pick a genre – they have a list of over 25 different genres that you can choose from ranging from reggae and oldies to classic rock and country. Just about any type of music you’d like is available
  2. Select a channel – once you have selected your genre, you’ll need to select the channel that you want to listen to because there are multiple options to choose from
  3. Enjoy – once you click on the channel that you want, the music will start playing
  4. Tell a friend – of course this is optional, but they’re hoping you’ll spread the word so they have a section dedicated to informing your friends via email about AccuTunes


I picked the genre of Classic Rock which happened to have eight different channels. Then I looked through the list and saw “Classic Rocktopia” which was described as “the best classic rock of all time.” Once I clicked on it, my music started to play. They display several bits of important information including the title of the song playing, the artist, and the album it came from in the player. They even show the cover art for the album that it came from (info from Amazon) so that you can read the track lists and buy it if you want. This is how AccuTunes makes their money, with referrals from Amazon.

AccuTunes --.png

If you want more customization, there’s a box under the player that says to “click to launch player in a separate windows with customization features.” If you do that, you’ll have a new window that does display ads, but what’s nice is that you can deselect the artists that you don’t want to hear. For my Rocktopia station, it listed artists that I could deselect like Aerosmith, Badfinger, The Babys, etc. This way you’ll be able to listen to only the music that you really want to hear. Nice, isn’t it?

Overall, two-thumbs up to AccuTunes for ease of use and selection. If you enjoy music, check it out…

Source: Thanks for the tip Omar!