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Several people have lost their jobs after spending too much time on eBay while on the clock. What’s too much time? Well, these workers were spending up to two hours everyday on the site. Considering people typically work about 8 hours a day, two hours is a significant amount of time that clearly couldn’t be justified. While the Neath Port Talbot Council in South Wales where the people were employed allows employees to use the Internet during their own time like lunch breaks, they said that two hours of shopping and entertainment was unacceptable.

According to BBC "Union officials have blamed bosses for putting temptation in their way by allowing access to the Internet." They also said that people get "addicted" to certain web sites.  Clearly the workers in this situation aren’t the only ones out there wasting company dollars while they browse web sites. In fact some of you may even be doing something similar, although maybe not to the same extent.

Many businesses rely on Internet to get work done, so eliminating it isn’t an option.  What they can do though, and what many already do, is block access to certain sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Reader Question

Is the Internet a "temptation" for you while you’re at work? If so, what sites do you visit, and are you "addicted" to any of them? How long on average do you spend on the Internet at work doing something that’s not related to work?