Kaboodle is Up and Running--Collect and Share on the Web!

Monday will be a big day for eBay and Kaboodle! Powerhouse eBay has joined together with Kaboodle to form a new service called “My Collectibles”. eBay is well known as the world’s online market with thousands and thousands of transactions occuring daily between people around the world. Kaboodle is an emerging free service that allows anybody to join; the idea being that people can collect information on the web ranging from shopping and traveling to collectibles. The information that people collect is then available for others to see and comment on. The information gathered could be used to plan a trip, or find the store with the perfect set of sheets you have been looking for. Both eBay and Kaboodle rely on people like you and I to keep the business going!

On Monday, MyCollectibles will be accessible from both ebay.com/mycollectibles and from mycollectibles.kaboodle.com Both buyers and sellers on eBay will be able to use Kaboodle to organize and keep track of their collections to share with family, friends, and even other collectors. This new service will give collectors a convenient way to view other collections from around the world. People viewing the collections will be able to leave comments, and also rate the collection.

eBay is partnering up with a lot of people these days! Any ideas on who they will be partnering with next?

News Source: TechCrunch