eBay is in the process of making some major changes to the look and feel of the site in hopes of bringing people back to buy and sell. They’ve come a long way in the 12 years that they’ve been around, but over the last few years, things have gotten a bit rocky.  According to a recent article in Business Week, this is "eBay’s bid to win back buyers." With multiple places online to buy and sell, eBay is no longer "the" place to go.

So what is it that has changed? Probably the most obvious is the look of their new home page. Sometimes change is hard for people to deal with, and in this situation, I think that’s the case. Now when a user logs in, they’ll see four main things – eBay categories, My Recent Activities, My eBay at a Glance which includes items you’re watching or selling, reminders, and more, and the option to Start shopping.

ebay changes

Another change you’ll notice as Download Squad pointed out, is that there’s now more options for viewing items that you’re searching for. In certain categories like computers – instead of just viewing all the items in a list, you can view them in a picture gallery, or snapshot view.  The picture gallery is probably going to be the most beneficial because you get to see an image of what’s being sold, but you also have pertinent information like the price, shipping costs, and when it was listed. Think of it as window shopping.

ebay changes 2

This is only just the beginning of what eBay has in store. Coming soon they’ll have a few new features. One of them is  "quick and easy," an option for selling items, and another is a countdown- a new way to manage and bid on auctions. The last change we can expect soon is one click bidding where users won’t be taken to a new page to confirm the bid that they entered.

If you’d like to test out some of eBay’s new features which they haven’t rolled out quite yet on their main site, you can visit The Playground where you’ll see some of the new things eBay is testing out.