Ebay211 years after introducing the feedback system, eBay has decided to take a look at it, and make improvements. It is one of the most important elements which drives sales and helps to give sellers their credibility. Currently, their system includes positive, negative, and neutral feedback. It’s pretty cut and dry and doesn’t leave much room for some of the smaller things that potential buyers might want to know, like was the product as described? Did they ship the item promptly?

Feedback 2.0 will the the redesigned system that will still include the positive and negative options, but now it expands and will give buyers the chance to rate sellers on other aspects of the purchase. The additional ratings will be done using a 5–star system rating on the following:

  • Was the item as described?
  • How was the communication with the seller?
  • Was the item shipped promptly?
  • Were shipping and handling charges fair?

These new ratings wouldn’t affect a sellers overall feedback, but it would give buyers another way to judge a sellers credibility. Another change will be the addition of the item purchased as well as the price under each feedback rating so that people will know what the feedback was for without needing to click on the item number.

The five star rating system is called “Detailed Seller Ratings” and will debut in the United States sometime this Spring, and in Australia, Belgium, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the UK over the next few days.

Source: Daily Tech