eBay Is Getting Blogs, Search Tags, And Wikis

It looks like eBay is getting ready to launch some new services at the eBay Live conference in Las Vegas, June 13 – 15. They will be allowing users to create blogs for free and they will be located at “http://blogs.ebay.com/userID”. This means that people will be able to find sellers that sell collectibles, for example, and be able to communicate with that person about collectibles. This is kind of interesting. The blog help page is available for those people who want to read more about it.

The eBay blogs will also have Search Tags that will perform much like categories on some blogs. Users will be able to tag their posts with keywords so that people can search for blogs containing topics they are looking for.

The eBay Wikis, much like Wikipedia, will contain articles that are purely fact and will be maintained by the eBay community. It sounds interesting but I think Wikipedia already has that market.

Overall, I think that eBay is just trying to attract more people to their site. They probably fear their competition from Google and such so they have to develop new services that will keep people coming back to them. What’s next…eBay Web search?

News Source: Micro Persuasion