eBay, Skype, and PayPal Connecting Together!

With eBay and Skype joining together, we should have known PayPal would be next to join! First, eBay has announced that they would begin adding a “Skype Me” button to listings in certain categories. Some of these categories include automotive GPS devices, real estate, cars, trucks, diamond solitaire rings, and NBA basketball cards. The new ‘Skype Me’ button would allow potential buyers to contact sellers by voice and or chat to get more information about the product listed. This trial begins on June 19th in selected categories.

With this announcement has come the rumors and screen shot of PayPal integrated into Skype. In the upcoming release of Skype 2.5, two PayPal features will be included. Both a PayPal ‘Request Money’ and a PayPal ‘Send Money’ feature have been added. For some this may be nothing worth talking about; however, if you conduct business over Skype this will be a convenient way to send and receive payments.

As someone who conducts transactions daily on eBay this is a welcome feature. Some have suggested this might be any easy way for buyers and sellers to make a deal outside of eBay, cutting into the money eBay would be collecting from final value credit fees. Each of these companies is number one in their fields with eBay reigning over e-commerce, PayPal at the head of online payments, and Skype the leader in voice communications. It seems as though eBay is doing everything they can to ensure that they keep reign over e-commerce! Any competitors (Google?) will have to put up a fight!

News Source: Download Squad