ebay money A proposed boycott on eBay listings went into effect on Monday, and since then the number of listings on the site dropped from around 14.5 million down to 14 million. That comes out to a 3% drop overall, which isn’t quite as high as the strikers would have liked to see. They were hoping to see the listings drop down to 12 million or even 10 million, but you also have to take into account the fact that eBay had a special offer last Wednesday on listing fees which caused a surge in traffic. Because of the special offer the number of listings sky rocketed from 12 million up to 16 million, and those auctions are just starting to dissipate right now.

The one thing that really irks me about how eBay handled this was that they sent out an email to all members notifying them of the reduced eBay listing fees. They conveniently forgot to include the fact that they jacked up the final value fees by 67% (from 5.25% to 8.75%) to compensate for the reduced costs. On a $500 item eBay will make an extra $17 if the item sells, and you’ll save yourself a buck or two max on the price of the listing. The only real savings for sellers comes if an item doesn’t actually sell. *sigh*

What I’m really dreading as a seller is the inability to leave negative feedback for the buyers, which is supposed to be rolled out in the coming months. I’m really hoping that eBay alternatives, such as eCRATER, will really start picking up steam so we’re not left with just one option for selling our worthless junk priceless valuables.

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