eBay Redesign
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I was just doing some searching on eBay.com and noticed that I must have been randomly selected to use a drastically redesigned search page. The new design might be a little bit old, but it’s the first time I’ve tested it. As you can see above they have broken the search results up into two different columns, the one on the left providing the auctions and the one on the right listing the Buy It Now items.

I love the new design, but if you have a small screen the two-column design might be a little cramped. It is a lot easier, however, for people to see what items they can buy immediately, and which ones are on auction. Below the price on each item it lists the shipping cost, which is nice for determining whether a deal is as good as it may seem.

Now here’s the thing, most of you probably won’t see the redesign. I’m guessing that they are just testing this out much like how Google tests out new search pages. I hope they push this one through though, because I think it will definitely benefit both buyers and sellers.

BUT, I know how these redesigns work. They store cookies in your browser, and before I lost the cookies eBay had set I made sure to grab the data. Therefore you can test out the new design, too! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Copy this URL by right-clicking on it, and choosing the copy option.
  2. Pull up the eBay.com site and paste what you copied in Step 1 into the address bar. Press Enter and you should see a popup confirming that the cookies have been set.
  3. Do a search, and you should see the new design pictured above.

Hope everyone enjoys the new design! Let us know what you think in the comments below.